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Q. When a retailer or office user is looking to invest in ownership of commercial space, what criteria should they use?

A. They should look for a high traffic count. Bearden Hill has a count of over 30,000 cars per day. They should also look for easy access. Bearden Hill has a traffic signal that offers easy access to the property, from either direction, regardless of traffic. This site on Kingston Pike is one of the few sites available anywhere with signalized access. Our project offers an unparalleled opportunity for small to medium-sized retailers, restaurateurs or office users to take ownership of a Kingston Pike location that will increase in value over time. Even though more than adequate parking has been provided, the buildings have been pushed near the street for maximum visibility. Access is provided both from Kingston Pike and Gerald R. Ford (formerly Keener) Street. As many Knoxvillians are aware, left hand turns on Kingston Pike can be very tricky when traffic is heavy and are frequently a hindrance to motorists, preventing many customers from patronizing some Kingston Pike businesses. That is why the Bearden Hill traffic signal and location are so important.

Q. What is being provided by the developer and what is left for me to do?

A. As you can see from the renderings, we are preparing 5 building pads available for sale. Units 1 and 2 have already been sold. FMP Real Estate Services is providing all of the infrastructure — grading, storm water detention, utilities to each pad, parking lot, sidewalks, lighting, monument sign and landscaping, as well as a compacted building pad. Each purchaser will build his own building according to his own design, so long as it is compatible with the other storefronts. We are trying to achieve a “downtown” type of look with different but compatible storefronts, using different materials and elevations.

Q. How does the ownership of the common areas work?

A. Each of the owners will own a pro-rata, undivided interest in all of the common area (parking, land, detention, etc.).